Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hey my fans!

Im so glad that god is great and its a new season now...on 27th june,2008 it was my 28th birthday ...oooh my lord thanks 4 blessing me and make me be able to face all life challenges...second thing which makes me so happy was in the last month of june it was the wedding of my brother Abdul Shaban Gwello who married my sisy Jackline Mawole in Diamond Jubilee...it was so nice big Up kaka Gwello as well as my sisy Jack...Olrite fans... the new season its on now and to all my fans get ready to get mo mo news and entertainment as well hottest articles about our music and our music celebtities and stars......Lets stick 2getha and share all.

Much love to my fans and all

Chief Editor,
Mac Temba,Edwin

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shamim a.k.a Zeze said...

Raha ya mambo haya unatutupia na kapicha walau kamoja...ili nasi tutoe pongezo zetu