Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jose Mourinho: Blues win wasn't about revenge


"Sometimes in football you win because you're lucky. Sometimes you win because you are the best team. Sometimes you win because you were the best team from the first to the last minute. That team was my team and my players.
"I'm not very happy because they (Chelsea) lost. I'm very happy because my players are happy, my supporters are happy, my president is happy and because I worked so much for this game.
"As a professional, that's the best feeling you can have. I'm not happy because my ex-players or Roman (Abramovich) lost, or that Chelsea supporters go home sad. I'm not happy about their unhappiness.''
"I'm not saying Inter are better than them. I'm saying that, today, Inter were much better than Chelsea and that brought frustration to the Chelsea players.''
Mourinho revealed he had swapped text messages with Chelsea captain John Terry yesterday and told him that one of them was going to end up being "very sad''.
But he added of his former colleagues: "My people will always be my people. But today I was the enemy. And the enemy won. That's life. It's a very important victory for me as a coach, but not the victory of my life. That will be in the future.''
No. Roman is a very intelligent person and, because of that, he's not the same person today than he was one year ago, two years, three years, five years ago. Not the same person he was when he arrived in football.
"Probably he thought it would be easy when he arrived in football. It's not easy. It's difficult. The team that wins will have small details that will make the difference.
"He knows it's not easy. He knows now how to read a game, understand the game, analyse the game, and knows his team lost against a team who deserved to win. Because he's a man of fair play. I'm sure he accepts the situation with fairness and class because he'll know that Inter were the best team.''

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