Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jamila Vera Swai‏ invited in Mozambique SFW




JAMILLA VERA SWAI to represent SWAHILI FASHION WEEK.MOZAMBIQUE AND SWAHILI FASHION WEEK COLLABORATION Jamilla Vera Swai has been invited by Mozambique Fashion Week, to represent Swahili Fashion Week at this Annual Event to be Held in Maputo from 6-12 December 2009.“It's a pleasure representing Tanzania and Swahili Fashion Week at the Mozambique Fashion Week. I had wanted to participate in International Events and my dreams shall now Come true” says JamillaShe was selected by International producer Jan Malan and Mwamvita Makamba , Director of corpoarate Affairs Vodacom Tanzania during the Swahili Fashion Week.Speaking of her collection to be unveiled on 12 December during the Pan African Showcase, “My collection is inspired by nature. I've used shades of brown, beige, cream, green, black and purple to emphasize this. Some darker dyes bleed into lighter colors to mimic a soaked garment when you walk on wet ground. The style is modern with an ethnic feel to it” Swai adds During Swahili Fashion 2009 in association with Vodacom & ZTE designers Adelia and Sheila Tique from Mozambique had the opportunity to participate in November this year. This is just the Beginning of Strenghtening of Not only Political ties between Tanzania and Mozambique but also Cultural ties too. The Bond shall grow Deeper and stronger Year after year. NOTE TO EDITORS ABOUT SWAHILI FASHION WEEK (SFW) Swahili Fashion Week was founded by Mustafa Hassanali one of Tanzania’s top Fashion designers and launched successfully in November 2008.Swahili Fashion week is a platform for designers, both fashion and accessory from Swahili speaking countries to showcase their creativity, market their art and networking with their clientele all aimed at Promoting Fashion as an income generating, Job creating industry while emphasizing the " Made in Tanzania " concept.Swahili Fashion Week is set to be an annual fashion extravaganza where by both new and veteran designers can showcase their work. It is also a venue for fashion lovers to enjoy a few days of fabulous fashion creativity from Tanzania and its neighbouring countries. Initiating a dynamic and promising platform for the fashion industry in Tanzania, The Swahili Fashion Week is geared towards being the most sought out after Fashion platform in Eastern Africa for the International market. ABOUT JAMILLA VERA SWAIUnless you are familiar with the local fashion industry you most probably have not heard of Jamilla Vera Swai. This young woman compensates her petite stature by making grand, vibrant, exotic, all in your face extraordinaire designs. In her designs, she caters for everyone, from the small ones to the grown ups. There is nothing that this mother of one can not do, and when you actually meet her you get to be surprised by everything she has accomplished. Born in a month of August in Dar es Salaam (a lady never tells her age) to a predominant Dr. Swai and his lovely wife Juliette (I can see where Jamilla gets her beauty from) Jamilla’s love affair with fashion started when she was just 7 years old. She would use her dolls to create clothes for. At the age of 14, while she was still in high school, as it usually happens she caught a modeling agency’s eye and started modeling for adverts on local TV station in Maputo as well as designing for the agency she was signed with, The Studio Stilo. Being of a petite stature and not being able to do modeling full time, Jamilla concentrated on what she was doing best, which was designing. To perfect her skills she joined Institute de Bela Artes in Maputo to study fashion then later on moved to Fashion College International in Nairobi to complete her studies.she decided to return to her home town of Dar es salaam, open up Jamilla Vera Swai Design Studio and give the already established local designers some very heavy competition. Since then she has participated in various fashion shows and did some exclusive designs for her growing group of clients, including clothes for retail shops ABOUT MOZAMBIQUE FASHION WEEKThe Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW), is an artistic and cultural event, and is the only one in Mozambique that is connected to the desire to create and that works in discovering new talents and fashion designers, creating opportunities in opening new business markets and professional contacts for the fashion industry in Mozambique andworldwide.Mozambique Fashion Week has as an objective of enhancing national fashion and beauty and also aims at expanding the fashion market in Mozambique, discovering new talents around the country. The MFW is a driving vehicle for the development of the Mozambican fashion industry and a major tourist attraction in the promotion of culture and well-being, putting Mozambique in the itinerary of international fashion.. Mustafa Hassanali was the first designer to Represented Tanzania at the 2007 Edition of Mozambique Fashion Week.


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