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DYNAMIC GROUP INC - TheCompany Profile

Dynamic Group Inc
Plot No. SM/MP’B/147
Shekilango Road, Sinza Area

P.O.Box 33816

Tel: 0715 000890 /0752 300 300


Website: www.dgitz.com

Our Philosophy

The urban youth scene … it is always changing … we are part of it, feeling it lovin it.
Living at the deep end of ‘cool’ offers one a unique understanding of this psychographic, enabling authentic consumer insight.


See things differently”

In early 2005 a group of young, dynamic, multidisciplinary individuals set out with a challenge to create new ideas with fresh perspectives within the Entertainment industry both in Tanzania and East Africa.

The result was Dynamic Group Inc “See things differently.” Whether it’s our idea or a pre-existing one, we believe in leveraging concepts using multifaceted communicational approach. We are constantly looking for innovative, sometimes unconventional Entertainment opportunities.

1. Urban lifestyle consultancy.

2. Events and Artists Management consultancy

3. Research.

4. Multimedia.

Urban lifestyle consultancy.

As a multi-dimensional urban lifestyle communication consultancy we provide lifestyle consultation on experiential brand promotion, events, artists as well as modeling.

Dynamic Group Inc works with advertisers to extend their brands to urban cultural enthusiasts by transcending standard advertising with and array of event sponsorships, peer-to-per marketing, and grassroots promotions. We specialize in creating and implementing ambient marketing campaigns, designed for that specifically elusive, high-spending, media –cynical, young, street based audience. Crucial for brands and agencies, the schemes provide a format for those brands, products and creative projects that rant to take advantage of having affiliation with urban culture.

Events & Artists Management Consultancy.

We provide event consulting, supervision, and management of artists who have talents as well as management of liaisons with the music industry, artist’s managers and event producers.

We work with brands which invest in experiential and event focused youth marketing initiatives and offer real and authentic benefits as part of their drive to create sales and brand loyalty or recognition by pumping budgets into events and other projects.

We work with clients who want to embrace fresh ideas and are willing to experiment further into the largely unexplored would of urban youth culture and ambient media.


At Dynamic Group Inc we offer research and trend intelligence, providing insight into emergent urban trends cultures. Through our direct involvement in youth culture and music, we have substantial experience in identifying and analyzing trends. We have a concrete knowledge of how trends develop, evolve, fade and resurface. Dynamic Group Entertainment’s research team aims to understand what is credible in the music industry and youth lifestyle cultures.

Multi-Media/Graphic Design

Our creative team comprises of a diverse group of internet and Graphic design specialists that have a wide spectrum of experience in website design, multimedia CD ROMs, Graphic Design, Audio/video productions and creation and management of creative co operate needs. We mix art and technology to provide only group or company with all the tools necessary to intranet effectively and powerfully communicate with audience. Our designers will help guide you in the selection of the style that is the most appropriate for your business and target audience.




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