Tuesday, August 26, 2008


For sure as a hip hop fan i really feel this artists Chid Beenz of the click "La Familia" of Ilala zone,But for what he has done in the show in "Da West Park" Tabata last two weeks makes me so boared and asking my self is Chid Benz is now feeling that is the Top in the game?is chid great than The Legendary Prof Jay or Ay or Mwana Fa???How can Chid disrespect those artists who makes him on top?Who is behind Chid that makes him no to behave as a Gentlemen?Im telling for sure with that attitude Chid Beenz will not last in this game at all....Its time to artists like Chid Beenz to learn the attitudes thru the great artists as Ay aka Ambwene Yesaya.

Lets show Love and Love the Music...

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you blog in Swahili man?You english needs something cause it took me 30 minutes to get your point.Seriously,you should stick to Kiswahili if you real care about your viewers.Nice website but english is wack!!I bet you won't post this comment!