Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Nancy Sumari is one of the few Tanzanians representatives who represent well and nicely our Tanzania Flag effectively,I think after that good participation in Miss World and succeed to get (Miss World Africa) that led to many companies to focus promoting their brands thru Miss Tanzania beauty Pageant because they believe that they can promote their products worldwide...But the year after Nancy do wonders and impress every Tanzanian...Lundenga and its committee brings Wema sepetu who brings shame and discouragement to those who likes Beauty...Its my hope that Vodacom Tanzania through its marvelous sponsorship will bring some more changes so that Tanzanians can have mutual feelings on Miss Tanzania than it is now many people sees Miss Tanzania as a competition which are for some few girls who have got back up from Commitee Officials of Miss Tanzania Committee.Habari ndio hiyo....Take that!!!

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