Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Tatiana Teresa dos santos Durao aka Tatiana is an Angolan model and actress who was a contestant on the second season of the reality competition Big Brother Africa, in 2007.She was born in Tuesday 31st March,1981 in Angola.

She came third, lasting the full 98 days.

She’s won a Best Actress Award in her country twice consecutively for a career that she says she loves and is good at. It’s no wonder then that she would love to visit Hollywood and to meet actress Uma Thurman.

A fan of Brazilian soapies, Tatiana relaxes by going to the beach and says audiences should watch her on this tour to tanzania because she’s fun and entertainer and really likes people - though she admits that she has some bad habits.

These include the fact that she believes she’s never wrong and she sleeps too much.

Asked to name her favourite memory, she answers by saying, "my weekends with my late grandmother."

Tatiana’s favourite food is oysters, her favourite colours are orange, pink and white while on the fashion front she says she loves wearing minis and dresses that show her figure.
This girl arrived here in Dar-es-Salaam Airport this afternoon to do various shows under the New Habari Corporations Limited.

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