Monday, November 26, 2007


Once again am back as usual to share my feelings as well as comments so that to protect our music industry which is so small comparing to most of countries.

Last few month in one of my articles published by The African gazette, I talked about transparency and accurately in our Kilimanjaro Awards of this year as well as some improvements in all process of the awards, that’s including how to put artists in the categories, conditions which makes one to be in the awards and many more…so that to make the awards have real meaning to those who fight and struggled day after day through the year so that to make good work which can satisfy people as well as getting known by music fans.

The side B of this Kili awards is the media. In this I can say that is the one which plays a big role in this awards, we all know that media plays a great role in advertise our music as well as promoting inside our country as well abroad. But to me I got different opinion on the media…The media in our country mainly radio stations really promotes artists who have money for promotions paid through radio deejays that’s led to get fake artists who gets awards which don’t really mean anything to them, in our country we have a potential of a lot of talents but the problem is who is ready to invest in the music industry so that to produce the really musicians like Banana Zorro or Ambwene Yessaya aka AY? Myself I called them musicians not artists to the fact that they can do any type of music and know how to entertain when their in the stage. Is true that to hit by one song in one year that’s a reason to get award? What criteria does the committee use to give the awards! I have being following the Awards for a long time but what I noticed is…same shit every year, same mistakes every year!!!What used to differentiate between Bongo flava and so called R&B? what is Bongo flava?in my opinion I can say that the impact of the Kili awards up to now is invisible to the fact that it fail to draw attention of the music fans like it was done by The founder of the Awards The late James Dandu aka Cool James…Dandu objectives were very clear that’s why he manage to do it without complaints from the media as well music fans…at first the awards done without sponsors but it went very well with success, so after all those years of making mistakes up to now its ashamed that we fail to make this Kili Awards the real awards as people expectations, I believe people learn through mistakes but for Kili Awards committee for them this don’t make sense…its time now for TBL to make changes and make this awards real because it will make the Brand Kilimanjaro Premium Lager loose customers and its good image in the market.

I believe our neighbors Kenya and Uganda starts their Awards after learning from here but they succeed to make their Awards so good and very organized so that to avoid complains from artists as well as music steakholders, its time for some changes in order to improve these Awards before becoming a boring music Awards…one writer said” Those who don’t like challenges and who are not ready to make a change they cant change anything in life as well as in their works”

If its true that TBL through its brand Kilimanjaro Beer wants to improve our music, but its time now to sit down with the organizers and set out new strategic so that to make these Awards reach its targets which were settled by The Late James Dandu aka Cool James…on my side I don’t think those older people of BASATA can make anything in the Awards its time to make a real productive committee for these Awards, the committee of people who real knows music business and real have new ideas and those who can bring new ideas not these wazee of BASATA who copy and paste, and repeating same mistakes every year.

That’s all for now, much love to all music fans.

Mac Temba,Edwin

Music Analyst-(255 715 000 890)

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